I     V     A     N         P     A     V     L     E

The art-works of Ivan Pavle were, for the first time, introduced in former Czechoslovakia in the second half of the eighties. He was immediately considered to be one of the most promising young artists from Slovakia. Since then his reputation has grown steadily each year. He booked several successful exhibitions in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France. In 1992 Ivan Pavle held his first exhibition in the Gallery NOVA in Bratislava. Since 1994 his work is regularly presented at the international art-fair KunstRAI in Amsterdam. In 1996 he obtained a fellowship for a three months stay in the USA. This stay gave him new impetus for his work and led to a unique collection of thirty works. Many art collectors all over the world are proud of having Ivan Pavle works in their collections. For example, the collection of contemporary art of Her Majesty, the Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands contains two works of Ivan Pavle.

Ivan Pavle is a sensitive observer of human life and his paintings and drawings reflect his observations of the inner life of a human being. His investigations go under the skin, deep inside the human being. His works convey the feelings of a man at the beginning the 21st century. In his works Ivan Pavle deals with human relations and the role of such values as friendship, love and power of money. He also observes the psyche of the human being and its relation to the nature. Ivan Pavle considers nature as a source of positive energy and peace.

Before he fully devoted himself to painting and drawing, Ivan Pavle followed various disciplines such as graphic arts, book illustrations and ceramics. He has widely experimented with a variety of materials and techniques, until he mastered them perfectly. He uses various materials in his work in order to extend the possibilities of sensory perception. He fully exploits a characteristic material's property, its spirit to convey a symbol, metaphor or quality. By combining classical painting with the results of experimental painting in the 20th century, he has opened up unexplored vistas of new images to enrich the world of the observer. Ivan Pavle's work is characterized by individual expression, craft and masterly use of figurative elements and historical motifs. He believes in the power of image, and his work is a long and heartfelt prayer for the recognition of individual and sincere painting.

Miro Zeman
Gallery NOVA, Bratislava, Slovakia

Pavle portret